Edward Ihnatowicz (PL/GB)

Edward Ihnatowicz was a Polish cybernetic art sculptor active in the late 1960s and early 1970s. His sculptures explored the interaction between his robotic works and the audience. He was a pioneer of the use of computers in art and especially robots as art.


Senster (ca. 1970)

Kinetic Sculpture

Measuring over five meters in length an interactive kinetic sculpture which was constructed in the 1960s as a milestone of robotics has recently been reassembled to reveal the techno-optimistic mindset of its time, showcased through the combination of technological power and visionary artistry. Senster is an empathetic and feeling machine furnished with senses.

Author: Natalia Kabanow,  photos from WRO 2019 BIENNALE CZYNNIK LUDZKI / HUMAN ASPECT, thanks to the courtesy of the WRO Art Center, AGH UST Krakow.