Richi Owaki (JP)

Born in 1977 in Aichi, Japan, Richi attended Tohoku University of Art and Design to study film and media, and alongside learning about artwork production in general with an emphasis on film, he taught himself and strengthened his understanding about physical expression. At the YCAM InterLab, he is working with professionals from different fields to explore the possibilities of new creative methods and education in dance.

The Other in You (2017-ongoing)

Virtual Reality Installation & Performance

The Other in You is an outcome, which brings the insights the artist and YCAM learnt over the years, into an installation piece. The Other in You sheds light on the physicality of the audience which we, including the audience themselves, have forgotten along the way. At some point during the performance, the point of sight of the viewer leaves their own body and they see themselves from above. This out-of-body sensation is a unique experience VR offers.